Bree Kessler is an Alaska and Hawaii-based educator, researcher, social entrepreneur, and writer. She is the owner and principal of the design firm Dry Cabin Club, developer of New Arctic Design, and she continues to experiment with the concept of “Home as Public Space.”

She teaches courses both domestically and internationally in geography, urban design, civic engagement, psychology, public health, research methods, and women’s studies.

She is a PhD candidate in Environmental Psychology studying interventions into Arctic Cities. She also holds graduate degrees in natural resource management, public health, and social work as well as a certificate in online instructional design. She is currently completely her MFA in creative non-fiction and attempting to open a Sourdough Library at her house.

Her research focuses on user experiences of built environments and rural informal economies. Her writing on topics such as community gardening, wildlife biology, emerging cuisines, bluegrass music, and reality TV has appeared in several regional and national magazines.

She is the author of the travel guidebook, Moon: Big Island of Hawaii, is very nostalgic for backpacker culture of the early 2000s, and at some point became attuned in Reiki.

Twitter @Bree_Kessler
Instagram @Bree.Kessler